Refreshing your Browser

Do you sometimes visit your website once you have made a change only to see the same content as before? This is to do with your browser cache.

Caching is where a browser saves a webpage that you have previously visited on your computer so that the next time you visit, it simply loads the page from your computer rather than downloading the information off the internet again.

The reason for this is it speeds up the loading time of your webpages and saves your download quota. It is a good feature but can sometimes get in your way when you need to look at changes you have made.

Refreshing your Browser

The easiest way to refresh your browser is just to hit the refresh button but sometimes that isn’t enough to force a new copy of that page to download.

To force a new copy you can try the following:

  • Clicking the refresh button 2 to 3 times
  • Hold the Ctrl button and press F5
  • Hold the Shift button then click on refresh
  • Hold the Ctrl button then click refresh

Where is my Refresh Button?

Different browsers have the refresh button in different locations. Possible locations include:

  • Internet Explorer – Within the URL / Location bar on the far right
  • Firefox – Within the URL / Location bar on the far right
  • Chrome – Next to the Home button on the left
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