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Cracking website content

On a web page, you’ve got about five seconds to make a good impression. Website visitors scan your web page rather than read every word. So the key message needs to be loud and clear.

kurl will give you website wording that is short, sharp and easy to digest. It will be in an appropriate style for your target customers. It will be benefit-led.

We don’t have to be your web designer to do your wording. Plenty of customers – including other web designers – use our copywriting as a standalone service.

So if you want website wording that really works, get in touch with the content team at kurl.

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So how does content marketing work?

The first rule of website copywriting is never throw your brochure content up on your website. The second rule is don’t even think about chucking your brochure wording on your site. Writing for the web is completely different to other marketing wording.

It’s important that we know and understand your competitors and the keywords that your clients use to search and find your service. Our copywriting service ensures these primary and secondary words drive traffic to your site.

The right words, the right number of times on the page make for good SEO. Search engines look for search terms that are cleverly weaved throughout the page so they know what it’s about. The key is balance – stuff keywords throughout the copy and Google won’t be happy. Nor will your reader.

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