How Broken Links Are Bad For Business


So what is a broken link? It’s a redirect that no longer works usually because the page linked to no longer exists. It can be internal or external.

What happens? The visitor is presented with a 404 or page not found error. 404’s can be frustrating for a user. They can affect a business’s reputation.

In terms of search rankings broken links really hurt.

When Google Spiders crawl a website and follow the link to other websites which no longer exist, Google Spiders will read it as a dead end. When Google Spiders detected too many 404 error pages, your website’s value will decrease.

Broken links also affect bounce rates. When Google sees that visitors are leaving a […]

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Have fun with your website build


Promote your business. Sell online. Generate leads. Take bookings. Whatever the purpose of your website, you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

We take the time to understand your target market, objectives and challenges, then identify exactly what you need from your website to succeed. Then we’ll show you the full potential of a web solution that meets your budget.


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It’s Spring – time to audit your website content


Spring has sprung! The days are warmer, the flowers and trees are blossoming, and everything seems to have new life.

Spring is a time of renewal after the bleak winter months and it’s the perfect time to ask yourself: “Does my website need some renewal?”

But where do you start? We suggest a content audit.

When was the last time you took a close look at the content on your site? Does it still reflect your company’s mission, expertise, and target market? Maybe you’ve taken the business in a new direction this year. If so, you’ll want to be sure that your messaging is an accurate reflection of who you are as a business and what you’re […]

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Content continues to generate traffic


Content is still king!

  • Each day 30 million pieces of unique content are uploaded to the web
  • 55% of companies that blog receive 55% more visitors
  • Content is more than just written blogging. Video posts attract more inbound links than text only
  • Content is more than just text. Articles with images are 94% more viewed than articles without
  • 80% of smartphone users watch videos on their advice
  • 46% of people think that that website design is the most important thing when assessing brand credibility.

Content is still king. Are you creating great content to grow your brand? Talk to kurl about our digital strategy and content management services.


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Make the Most of Your Brand Guidelines


If you open your brand guideline or company styleguide and start to feel overwhelmed or stifled, you are not alone.

Interpreting and following these standards without comprising creativity can be tricky business. Believe it or not, there are a ton of formally trained graphic designers who were never taught how to properly follow guidelines, which means having to follow a defined framework is not second nature to them.

To the uninitiated, brand guidelines can be decidedly tricky to decipher. Depending on the size of the company, they can be cumbersome and complex documents that can be unclear or contradictory (at least the shitty ones can be). If it is your first time working with guidelines or […]

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Refreshing your Browser


Content Managers Listen up : Clear Your Cache

Do you sometimes visit your website once you have made a change only to see the same content as before? This is to do with your browser cache.

Caching is where a browser saves a webpage that you have previously visited on your computer so that the next time you visit, it simply loads the saved page rather than downloading the page again.

This is to speed up page loading time and save your download quota. It is a good feature but can sometimes get in your way when you need to look at changes you have made.

Refreshing your Browser

The easiest way to refresh your browser is just to […]

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