eCommerce made easy for Hunter Valley businesses


Selling online is easy with the right tools.

At kurl, we design, build, manage, and host websites for businesses throughout the Hunter Valley. More and more of these websites are online stores.

Our ecommerce clients sell downloads, giftware, artwork, soft furnishings, pool supplies, books, agricultural supplies, clothing, sporting gear, tickets and more from their websites.

We use two main platforms.

For full-featured webstores with hundreds to thousands of products we recommend Magento. It’s a full-featured system developed specifically for ecommerce.

For smaller webstores with dozens to hundreds of products and for websites already on WordPress we recommend WooCommerce. It has fewer features and is simple to use.

But you don’t have to have an […]

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kurl partners with Chia Candles to share light


We are very proud to partner with local businesses with heart.

Chia Candles make beautiful sustainable candles using plant-based wax.

Further, a percentage of profits from each candle purchased helps a range of local causes.

Loving the site we made for and the work they do.

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