Content continues to generate traffic


Content is still king!

  • Each day 30 million pieces of unique content are uploaded to the web
  • 55% of companies that blog receive 55% more visitors
  • Content is more than just written blogging. Video posts attract more inbound links than text only
  • Content is more than just text. Articles with images are 94% more viewed than articles without
  • 80% of smartphone users watch videos on their advice
  • 46% of people think that that website design is the most important thing when assessing brand credibility.

Content is still king. Are you creating great content to grow your brand? Talk to kurl about our digital strategy and content management services.


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SEO Tips for a Redesign


SEO should be in the forefront of your mind of a website redesign.

The design elements of your website, everything from structure to your meta-descriptions, are linked to your SEO. If you start playing around with these components, you could be damaging your Google rankings. Imagine all that time and money you have spent on your site’s SEO gone down the drain simply because you were unaware of what you were doing.

Here are 5 tips you should consider.

1. Website Audit

When redesigning your site, think of the process not as a complete overhaul, but as a thorough tune-up. You would not junk perfectly functional engine parts in your car, so why would you get rid of […]

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Get the Most out of Your Social Media Posts


Being smart about your blogging will direct traffic to your website.

We all love when our website is number one in Google Search.

An easy way to win this race is by directing traffic hits to your news articles.

Posting your SLUG (the URL to the news article, e.g. straight into your Facebook post will, if created correctly, generate thumbnail images. You can choose which one to display and direct people to the news article on your website.

The more site from separate IP addresses, the higher a website’s organic ranking.

How to optimize images

Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use […]

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