Mere Exposure Effect


Get even more visible in front of your potential clients

The Mere Exposure Effect is the marketing phenomenon by which consumers develop a preference for your services merely because they are familiar with them.

So explore low cost techniques that will keep your brand visible in front of potential clients on a steady basis.

Example 1 – Testimonials. What other people say about your business is more important than what you say. Source written and video testimonials – it’s a low cost way of getting visible in front of a larger pool of potential clients.

Example 2 – Update your evergreen content. Your business has an archive of relevant and interesting content that never dates. It’s still valuable […]

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Electrical website lights up the Central West


kurl launches website for BTElectrical

BTElectrical is an innovative electrical and solar business servicing Dubbo and the Central West.

kurl web was thrilled to partner with Brett and the team and build their first website.

Specialising in all facets of electrical contracting for the residential and commercial sectors, unreal automation solutions and the very latest in solar technology, it’s easy to see why BTElectrical are in high demand.

Visit to learn more and if you have a small business in Dubbo or anywhere else and need a smashing website, call kurl web on 1300 888 307.

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Have fun with your website build


Promote your business. Sell online. Generate leads. Take bookings. Whatever the purpose of your website, you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

We take the time to understand your target market, objectives and challenges, then identify exactly what you need from your website to succeed. Then we’ll show you the full potential of a web solution that meets your budget.


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kurl web invited to the Maitland Small Business Summit


Maitland Business Chamber promoting and connecting small business.

kurl was thrilled to be invited to host a stall at the inaugural Maitland Small Business Summit organised by the Maitland Business Chamber.

kurl web’s owner Melissa had a great morning at the event held at the magnificent Maitland Regional Art Gallery talking to local businesses about trends in website design and marketing, plus how effective and web solutions can help drive small business.

Want to know more? Start a conversation today: 1300 888 307.

kurl web maitland business

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Call To Action Placement


Are Above the Fold Calls to Action essential?

When you open a webpage, everything that is visible immediately before scrolling is above the fold.

If you’ve spent any time reading about website design, you’ve probably read that you must always have a call to action above the fold.

This isn’t true.

Where to put the call to action depends on the motivation of the visitor.

Certain visitors are motivated to click that button, they’ve largely made their mind up before visiting the website. They are a pre-sold prospect. In these cases, placing a call to action immediately makes sense – keep that motivation going.

Uncertain visitors are not motivated. You need to convince them about the value of your proposition. […]

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Website 101 six small business website basics


Website 101.

Your website should be:

  • easy to update
  • secure
  • ranking high in search results
  • accurately reporting on visits and visitor demographics
  • have a call to action
  • be facilitating seamless inquiries such as click to call, driving directions.

If your website isn’t doing one or all of these six things, talk to kurl web today.

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Addicted to Coffee go online


We’re addicted to coffee here at kurl.

We loved working with the team at Addicted to Coffee – mobile coffee baristas. We’ve brewed up an awesome website for the guys.

You’ve probably seen Glenn, Shane & crew at various events around the Hunter and throughout NSW and tasted their amazing coffee.

Visit their permanent coffee trailer at Wittingham (near Singleton) on the corner of the Golden Highway & New England Highway.



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Is your website a fashion accessory or a business tool?


If you want a website that does more than look pretty? You need a website designed, not decorated.

So what’s the difference?

Website design includes both the planning and the creation of a website around the goals of the business. Website design is researched, intentional, and strategic.

The information architecture, site structure, the navigation, the conversion strategy, and how the website fits into the greater online marketing strategy can all play a part in reaching the goals of the website.

Common goals that website design can help you reach:

  • Provide visitors with your information 24/7
  • Provide convenient access to your systems like customer portals
  • Answer frequently asked questions etc etc

Web design feeds into website development and these two […]

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Heavy duty kurl website for Simmons Bulk Haulage


Simmons Bulk Haulage are the proud owners of a new business website by kurl web.

kurl web is thrilled to partner with leading Hunter Valley haulage business Simmons Bulk Haulage.

Simmons delivery bulk organic supplies such as sawdust, mulch, grain, wood chip, fertiliser and a number of other organic products to farms and primary producers such as orchards and vineyards.

In addition to bulk organics, they are the leading poultry farm clean out operators in the region and also offer a specialised coal haulage service to a number of mining clients using heavy duty rigs.

Simmons Bulk Haulage is a Maitland and Hunter Valley success story – a family-owned and run business with a thirty year history of […]

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Website Footer Design


Website footer design is about selecting the best content to help website visitors find important information.

Footers are really important because believe it or not they are highly visible. A lot of visitors see them. A study by Chartbeat looked at 25 million website visits and found that 65% of visitors scroll down before the page fully loads. And those visitors who do scroll down spend much more time down the page than up the top.

Footers are one of our favourite areas to place important information. But what content do you include? Our rule of thumb is to include important information in the footer that is not covered by the header.


  • Contact details
  • Social […]
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