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Website footer design is about selecting the best content to help website visitors find important information.

Footers are really important because believe it or not they are highly visible. A lot of visitors see them. A study by Chartbeat looked at 25 million website visits and found that 65% of visitors scroll down before the page fully loads. And those visitors who do scroll down spend much more time down the page than up the top.

Footers are one of our favourite areas to place important information. But what content do you include? Our rule of thumb is to include important information in the footer that is not covered by the header.


  • Contact details
  • Social […]
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New website paving the way for Advanced Surfacing Contractors


Here’s another super kurl website for a great local business.

Advanced Surfacing Contractors are ashphalt, spray seal and road pavement contractors who working throughout the Australian east coast and are now based in Maitland NSW.

Great group of guys led by Les Harding who go the extra mile (or should that be km??) to surface private roads, carparks, footpaths and council roads and achieve fantastic finishes.

We love the one page long scroll design of this baby. Awesome domain name too.

Well done team kurl!!

Check out:

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Smashing website for Australian boxer Troy O’Meley


Get Website. Win World Title.

kurl web loves interesting projects!

We don’t get to work on too many websites for professional athletes. So when asked to create a smashing website for Hunter Valley based Troy O’Meley, we jumped at it.

Troy is a Welter Weight boxer and has a stunning no loss record since turning professional in 2016. His ambition is to win a world title. Go you good thing!

Check out

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Pitfalls of free website builders


As web designers we are often asked about the pitfalls of the free website builder platforms.

The main freebies used in Australia are wix, weebly & squarespace. From a design perspective there is nothing wrong with using these platforms for what we would call ‘entry-level websites’.

The number of designs is growing all the time and they are starting to come up to speed with responsive themes, blogging, newsletter creators etc. As expected, most of these website builders do get you to pay to unlock features for things like email services, custom domains, removing the template builder ads, better hosting plans etc.

From a developers perspective there is plenty wrong. Web developers care about 3 things: security, […]

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