Simple techniques like website alerts or popups


In the past week our team has been steadily working away : completing existing website projects, liaising with existing clients, and fielding new enquiries.

Some of the new enquirers are businesses in the retail and hospitality space that have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and are investigating ways to reach customers online.

We have also been contacted by businesses who are making the most of the quiet time and moving their digital project off the backburner.

I love that business owners and managers are seeing opportunity during this period and are turning their thoughts and energies to re-engaging with customers, attracting new clients, and sharing their business stories in a new way.

There are many low-cost high-impact techniques […]

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Have fun with your website build


Promote your business. Sell online. Generate leads. Take bookings. Whatever the purpose of your website, you don’t have to spend a fortune for it.

We take the time to understand your target market, objectives and challenges, then identify exactly what you need from your website to succeed. Then we’ll show you the full potential of a web solution that meets your budget.


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eCommerce made easy for Hunter Valley businesses


Selling online is easy with the right tools.

At kurl, we design, build, manage, and host websites for businesses throughout the Hunter Valley. More and more of these websites are online stores.

Our ecommerce clients sell downloads, giftware, artwork, soft furnishings, pool supplies, books, agricultural supplies, clothing, sporting gear, tickets and more from their websites.

We use two main platforms.

For full-featured webstores with hundreds to thousands of products we recommend Magento. It’s a full-featured system developed specifically for ecommerce.

For smaller webstores with dozens to hundreds of products and for websites already on WordPress we recommend WooCommerce. It has fewer features and is simple to use.

But you don’t have to have an […]

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Pitfalls of free website builders


As web designers we are often asked about the pitfalls of the free website builder platforms.

The main freebies used in Australia are wix, weebly & squarespace. From a design perspective there is nothing wrong with using these platforms for what we would call ‘entry-level websites’.

The number of designs is growing all the time and they are starting to come up to speed with responsive themes, blogging, newsletter creators etc. As expected, most of these website builders do get you to pay to unlock features for things like email services, custom domains, removing the template builder ads, better hosting plans etc.

From a developers perspective there is plenty wrong. Web developers care about 3 things: security, […]

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kurl works with all website platforms


What platform is your current website built in?

Whether its created in WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Adobe Catalyst, Orchard or pretty much any platform on the planet, we can help.

At KURL WEB we work on of all platforms.

We can extend your initial investment and customise your digital billboard. We produce graphic design and content. We also provided local, personalised support.

An ideal client for us has a site not returning on their investment.

The site is costing you money and not receiving regular inquires. Is this your site?

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