Get even more visible in front of your potential clients

The Mere Exposure Effect is the marketing phenomenon by which consumers develop a preference for your services merely because they are familiar with them.

So explore low cost techniques that will keep your brand visible in front of potential clients on a steady basis.

Example 1 – Testimonials. What other people say about your business is more important than what you say. Source written and video testimonials – it’s a low cost way of getting visible in front of a larger pool of potential clients.

Example 2 – Update your evergreen content. Your business has an archive of relevant and interesting content that never dates. It’s still valuable to your customers… and search engines. Revisit it, update it, publish and share it.

Example 3 – Set aside an advertising budget for keeping your brand visible will deliver long term benefits if you focus on creating high quality content that is going to get noticed. Meanwhile reduce your budget for generating low value, low impact content.

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