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A search engine optimisation strategy is an integrated plan to rank high in search engines, drive customers to your website and  convert these visitors to leads.

If your website isn’t optimised to reach your target audience, it’s not valuable. kurl focusses on getting you the best return on your digital investment.

So come on! Get onboard and watch your website fly.

  • Analytics & Traffic

We analyse your website traffic, visitor behaviours and engagement using the latest Google and other tools, to help build a complete picture of your websites activity. Having the ability to make informed decisions is the backbone of our Newcastle + Hunter Valley SEO campaigns.

  • Optimisation

One of Googles key SEO yardsticks is the speed and performance of your site. We compress and tag all onsite content and use a variety of performance and delivery tools to keep your site on its toes! Good SEO starts at the basics.

  • Mobile Friendly

At kurl web we put a high priority on user experience and responsive design. Every site we build is made for desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and for good reason. Google give preference to mobile friendly websites for SEO.

  • Copywriting

It’s important that we know and understand your competitors and the keywords that your clients use to search and find your service. Our copywriting service ensures these primary and secondary words drive traffic to your site.

  • User Experience

kurl ensures that customers visiting the site can easily navigate and locate information on your site no matter the device or browser. Each site is designed to draw potential customers in and easily get in contact with your business.

  • Social Media

The more online talk the better. By integrating Social Media channels into your website it doesn’t just help keep content fresh, it creates powerful backlinks that boost your businesses profile.

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