Is your website stuck in the 90s?

Websites can age or get outdated. Your business requirements can change or you may want to target a new audience.

Whatever the reason for a website makeover, you will need to choose a website redesign agency to update or redesign your website to meet your current business needs, incorporating the latest technology and delivering a seamless user experience.

Sometimes, this might be as simple as updating your content. Or it could be time for a complete overhaul.

Under the hood could be more problems

Old un-managed sites are prone to outdated software, performance issues and security flaws. Older designs also drive down user experience and search rankings. Modern websites must be mobile friendly, lean and fast – customers don’t wait patiently for a slow site to load!


  • Out of date themes and plugins

  • Security vulnerabilities

  • Slow, old website hosting

  • Fixed-width layout (looks bad on a phone)

  • Old fashioned, dated design

How kurl can help

Kurl can give you a modern refresh of your existing website with a future-proof theme, the latest in hosting and great ongoing support to keep it looking and working great for years to come

Examples of our website makeovers