Advantages of a Single Page Website

Published On: June 11, 2024|Categories: Web Design|2 min read|
photo of single page website for small business

One page website for tree lopper mulch business

One page websites are very popular with start ups and sole traders. The team at kurl web have recently published another snazzy one page site for a Maitland small business.

It’s a website for a well-known Hunter Valley based tree lopper who has set up a new side business selling mulch. Enter Arbor Mulch.

Check out the website here.

Client feedback

We’re loving the site and so is the client. This what owner Ashley had to say:

Kurl Web created a website for our new business, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. We are now transferring over our existing business website (developed by another company) to kurl web to work their magic on this one too!

Ashley, Arbor Mulch

Benefits of a single page website

One page websites offer a platform for new or small business to get online and noticed by search engines and potential customers. And at kurl web, they come in  at an affordable price point.

But they have lots of other advantages. Let’s take a look.

Higher engagement

The time a person spends on the website figures into that website’s digital authority ranking. The more you can keep a visitor on your site and engaged, the more search engines will promote your website to the top of search results. A single-page website invites the visitor to scroll to discover more content.

Page load speed

Loading speed affects how your website is perceived, especially on mobile devices. A single page usually achieves fast load times appealing to visitors and search engines.

Easy maintenance

A single page is easy to maintain and update. Less content means less ongoing work.

Lower bounce rate

The percent of visitors that find one page on your website and quickly leave is called “bounce rate”.  A high bounce rate indicates to search engines that the page is not suitable for that particular search query. This can lead to it being bumped down the search results. A single page bounce rate outperforms multipage websites.

Ease of navigation

Navigating to separate pages is more demanding than navigating up and down a single page. Hand-eye coordination or tapping a small target like an internal link can be challenging for people with disabilities.

Thinking of getting a website for your small business in Newcastle, Maitland or the Hunter Valley?

At kurl we specialise in websites that drive leads to small business whether its one or many pages.

For information about getting a single page website for your business contact kurl web on 1300 888 307 – the Hunter Valley’s website expert.

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